Meet 🔵BlueHealthpass’ quick wins through 3 crucial case studies!

Case #1: Pre-employment
  1. Collection of Medical history
  2. Completing questionnaires regarding allergies, medication, mental health, alcoholism and nutritional habits
  3. Creation of Medical record through eHealthpass platform
  4. Evaluation of this record by the Healthcare professionals
  5. Ask optionally for extra information and medical examinations

Use Case #2: Incident management

01. Seafarer does not fill well
02. Ship officer/Ship doctor opens a ticket in eHealthPass.Blue
03. Doctor gets notified about the symptoms while cross-checking seafarer’s medical record
04. A videoconsultation is made, if needed
05. Diagnosis and creation of the careplan
06. Follow up on daily basis until seafarer recovers
07. Ticket closes

Use Case #3: Seafarer wellbeing

01. Calendar with daily goals (physical exercise, nutritional advice)

02. Reminders for medications and/or examinations when a seafarer is under recovery

03. Access to medical history (visualization of the process)

04. Self-training

05. Reminders for random questionnaires/Notifications for unscheduled examinations